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Contracted Institutions



  • He is attentive and sensitive to the specific needs of all cultures and seeks to make each patient's experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

  • KLINIK19 offers personalized communication services to meet the diverse needs of all our patients, including:

    • Scheduling medical appointments

    • Ensuring the patient understands the instructions given by the doctor

    • Receiving and delivering copies of medical reports after consultations

    • Assisting international insurance companies

    • translation services

    • Transfer of medical records to your primary doctor.

Konyaaltı DentGroup

  • In addition to high quality dental treatment, it offers special privileges to international patients.

  • It combines patient comfort, professionalism and patient satisfaction to change your world, powered by its 15 years of expertise and experience in hosting foreign patients.

  • Each treatment is carried out by dentists who specialize in their own field of dentistry. For example, dental implants are performed by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, while Root Canal Treatments are performed by Endodontists.

  • We provide a 5-year guarantee for dental treatments performed in DentGroup clinics.

  • After the photos of your teeth and dental x-rays reach us, DentGroup dentists will carefully evaluate your case in line with their expertise and a treatment plan file will be prepared. The clinic and doctors who will take care of you, your appointment information will be specified in your treatment plan.

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  • You can find solutions for the health problems in your teeth as well as the aesthetic problems in your smile from Smyrna Dent's specialist physicians.

  • Experts experienced in different fields of dentistry serve their patients in fully equipped, world-class hygienic, home-like clinics.

  • Physicians at Smyrna Dent work with great devotion to see the happiness on their patients' faces after treatment.

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